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“Pepa y el Olivar”

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a Golden personality


Pepa y el Olivar is an extra virgin olive oil which is characterized by a fine balance of bitter flavors, allowing the fruity notes to shine through. The golden-green colour is an indication of its high quality as this is an unfiltered olive oil.

Development Process

The Arbequinas olives selected for the creation of Pepa y el Olivar are harvested during the first ten days of November each year. From that moment, our team of technicians ensure that a stringent control process protects the fruit from any iclement weather and to guarantee that the aging process is of the highest quality.


Pepa y el Olivar is made exclusively from Arbequinas olives. Its colour is a golden green since this is an unfiltered oil made from the first press of the year. Limited production only.

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