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“Extra Confiture from ByPepa”

The Extra Confitures from Bypepa are an indispensable part in the most elaborate recipes and preparations. With just a touch of sugar, these confitures are ideal to accompany meats and fish dishes as they do not alter the taste and flavour, but improve them.

Black Olives

Extra Black Olive Confiture made from unpitted Black olives. Olive marmelade, Olivadas…. Nothing compares to the taste of Bypepa’s Extra Black Olive Confiture. Once you start, you can’t stop.

Red Peppers

Extra Red Pepper Confiture made from sun ripened Morrón peppers. The intense red colour and smooth taste make this extra confiture the ideal accompaniment for main courses as well as providing a colourful touch to any recipe and presentation.

Chestnut Cream Confiture

A creamy confiture made from mature chestnuts. Especially created to enjoy the very best of autumn throughout the year. Never mind marmelades and jams, this Chestnut Cream Confiture turns your recipes into culinary art.


One of Bypepa’s most sought after condiments and the preference of many of our clients. An original and tasty addition for the table made from the best Empordá onions.





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