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The origins of the Bypepa range can be found at “Mas Frigol”, a rustic estate near Navata, Girona which has produced olives since 1791. Its location and superb qualities give it the much sought after Denominación de Origen of the Alt Empordá

Although the estate (facilities) meet the highest standards in quality control and hygiene, at ´Mas Frigol´we have conserved the old mill from 1870 and the farmhouse is still a favourite meeting place for the family. For us, it is important to maintain the traditions which have brought us to where we are today.

With the harvest of November 2010, the Bypepa brand has become a reality. The current design, innovation and century old traditions of our products have been the start of an ambitious project to revolutionize the culinary domain.

At Bypepa our values are based both on respect for tradition and constant innovation.